Why Tabbed Design?

Tabs are a simple and familiar way to organize web content.

But equally important, as implemented in Responsive Tabs, tabs are much more efficient than other layouts. Many other themes encourage the display of multiple front page widgets — to show teasers to latest comments, categories, authors, date archives, etc. Every one of those widgets has to do database access to fill themselves out and that slows response time. Responsive Tabs allows you to put each kind of information under a separate tab and only retrieves data for the displayed tab, reducing both response time and page weight.

Some tabbed approaches load all the information for all the tabs into a single page and then use javascript to switch among the tabs. That’s how we built Responsive Tabs the first time around. The initial page load times were horrendous, although the tab switching was fast after the page loads. Now we just load each tab separately. The pages all load quickly because they are so light and switching among tabs is fast enough.

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