Responsive Tabs is a fully responsive theme that is especially suited to websites that are or intend to be strong on content. It takes advantage of all the power of WordPress to organize content transparently. The front page content is entirely widgetized and the theme supports up to 16 tabbed content folders.

It is visually elegant, allows free choice of colors and fonts, and handles media content consistently with WordPress standards, but it does not maximize image impact in the front page design. Images can, however, easily be included in the various front page widget areas. The theme minimizes unnecessary page weight to assure good mobile response.

The design premise of the theme is that (a) less can be more visually — users should be able to focus on what they came to see; (b) at the same time, it should be obvious where to find any content even on a site with a wide range of content.

This site is a very simple example of the theme. Visit for a more fully-developed example.

Major Design Features

  • Fully responsive — looks good on smart phones, but takes full advantage of wide monitors as well.
  • Tabbed design — let the user know all that the site contains while maintaining a simple look.
  • Great flexibility with a fully widgetized front page.
  • Fast load times due to disciplined approach to minimization of page weight.
  • Full use of WordPress’s new customizer interface to allow instant reorganization of the front page as well as easy font and color changes.
  • Elegant responsive tiled approach for featuring favorite site content on the front page — visit for an example.
  • Custom widgets for front page use — latest posts with category include/exclude, post summaries with images, wide-format category and comment lists, wide-format post archives.
  • Custom templates supporting navigation for all standard types of WordPress archive.
  • Dropdown menu for the routine links like about, contact, etc. — the things that users know to look for on every site. Expands to a left sidebar on very wide screens.
  • Footer accordion for standard reference content.
  • Wide format options for both pages and posts to accommodate tables and other wide format content.
  • Standard plugin hooks with extra support for key plugins — bbPress, popular Breadcrumb plugins, FrontEnd Post No Spam, Clippings.
  • Scrupulous attention to WordPress design and coding standards to maximize compatibility and transparency.

Note: The theme layout does not accommodate an extra long WordPress site title, but there is plenty of room for identity information in the optional “highlight” area immediately below the header which can be populated with bold text or with a widget which could include a banner or rotating images.

This is site is powered by Wordpress and the responsive-tabs theme.